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"Photographing wildlife is one of the most rewarding areas of photography.  It touches our emotions, is dynamic and fast moving, and when we feel the connection, it changes peoples' lives! As your  professional instructor, I promise to bring you opportunities for being near and connected to a variety of wildlife, to maximize the number of photo opportunities in the limited time we're together, to prepare you in advance so you know what to expect, and to be there with you to help as you capture the essence of those special moments with your camera". - Kathleen Reeder

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Recent Workshop Reviews

Lizzy S. - "The Out of Africa workshop I took with Kathleen was one of the most amazing photo experiences of my life and she gave me the knowledge to make my images the best quality possible." Mar 2015

Jeremy H. - "Kathleen is such an awesome person! Wonderful photographer, knowledgeable...she was always willing to help, and wanted to make sure you were getting the proper exposures in order to have achieve a great shot. She def. helped me learn about some very helpful things when it comes to camera settings. Definitely things that I MUST remember and will use. I had a blast, and she's an absolute sweetheart. Cant wait to do it again!" Mar 2015

Paula S. - "Taking one of Kathleen Reeder's wildlife photography workshops is guaranteed to give you a phenomenal experience..." Mar 2015

Gail L. - "Kathleen is a very good instructor, she explains until you understand, checks your work and helps you get the perfect shot. I have taken 3 classes with her and I am going to do more. She does a great job and I learn new things every time." Mar 2015

Liz J. - "The workshop I had with Kathleen was something I'll never forget. I will always be appreciative to her for putting so much into making it special for everyone in the class." Mar 2015

Teresa W. - "The workshop was an awe-inspiring and life-changing experience for me. I will never be the same, nor will I look at animals in the same way again. Thank you, Kathleen, for opening my eyes and my heart to these beautiful creatures. May 2015

Jane B. - "I have attended several of Kathleen's workshops. I have learned a great deal about the intracacies and selections of camera settings and my work has improved greatly. I am beginning to have a following at Arts and Craft fairs because of the improvement of my talent. Thank you, Kathleen." May 2015

Catherine M. - "I loved your workshop more than words can express. It was like a cup of cool water, an oasis in the desert. Thank you  for being such an incredible photography teacher. I can't even begin to say how grateful I am for the things I learned about exposure and focus settings from you that have really changed my photography." May 2015

Jim R. - "Kathleen Reeder is an excellent photographer and instructor, and provides inspiration to motivate me to become a better wildlife photographer." May 2015

Book Reviews

Capturing the Moment, The Art & Science of Photographing Wild Animals

"Through photography, Kathleen Reeder artfully captures, in a precise moment, the spirit and the life of an animal's essence." - Dean and Prayeri Harrison, Owners of Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Arizona"

Kathleen is very knowledgeable; she shares her secrets that will exponentially increase your ability to take amazing photographs.  Her clear and concise direction for composition and camera settings will make you feel like a pro!" - Jay Deist, Owner of Triple D Game Ranch in Montana"

When it comes to wildlife photography, Kathleen has real world experience and knows the tricks of the trade.  Simply, her book puts you on the fast track to creating incredible wild animal photos!" - J. Peter Mortimer, former Arizona Highways Photography Editor

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About Kathleen

Kathleen Reeder resides in Arizona, USA and is an internationally published, award-winning photographer, instructor and author. Her works reflect her personality: passionate, energetic, adventurous and focused. A sensitive eye and an intimate relationship with her subjects are the signatures of her work. She is an accomplished professional with a desire to share her knowledge with photographers of all skill levels.  Her work has appeared on television, in magazines, on internet sites and other publications including NBC's Today Show and National Geographic.

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