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Andrea Sobotka Shares Her Insights About Capturing the Spirit of Animals

Andrea Sobotka

What could an Animal Communicator and Holistic Energy Healer have in common with a Wildlife Photographer? Most importantly, a passion and love for wildlife.

I have been following Kathleen Reeder’s wonderful wildlife photography for several years now. Until recently, we had not met in person but were connected through Facebook and have both held workshops at Out Of Africa Wildlife Park on our respective subjects. I could see through her beautiful images that we both share an immense passion for the beauty and diversity of planet Earth’s precious wildlife. As a dedicated animal lover, I have the deepest respect for photographers who capture not just a pretty picture, but ones that speak a thousand words about the emotion, events, and spirit of the animal that were present in the moment the photo was taken. Kathleen Reeder is this kind of photographer. When I can look at an image and know the soul of the animal, that to me is a masterpiece.

Andrea Sobotka

Diego arrived at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge from a very isolated private ownership situation where he could hardly see the sky and had little no interaction with other animals or people. Andrea Worked with Diego through communication and energy balancing to help him acclimate to his new home where he now joins in the morning roars with fellow lions at the refuge. Diego is shows his gratitude by trying to hug Andrea through the bars.

As a communicator and energy healer, as well as being a trained wildlife medic and rehabber, I am sometimes required to get closer to a critter than what might be safe or comfortable for either one of us. By using my skills as a communicator and understanding how to energetically connect with animals, I am fortunate to have had some amazing experiences, and have never experienced an aggressive or harmful situation. If the contact is not outright peaceful, it is at least very controlled and respectful. Not only do I focus on the natural well being of animals (domestic, exotic and wild), but I feel it is also my job to help bridge the gap of understanding between man and the animal kingdom. If my work helps a human really “see” animals for the sentient beings and precious souls they are, then perhaps more conscious thought will be given to making decisions that will ultimately help preserve habitat and species either directly, or by way of the butterfly effect. I wish with all my heart for people to “see” what I see.

Andrea Sobotka

Andrea works with Golden, a retired Exxon tiger who was having trouble eating food for a few days, using communication and energy healing applications. By day 3 Golden was eating again.

Andrea engaged in an energy healing session for Cherokee, an elder Mountain Lion with severe arthritis and a particular dislike of women. Thoroughly enjoying her sessions with Andrea, she is more comfortable physically and shows more toleration of the female volunteers onsite following her sessions. Tony, a tiger who has lost his tail in an unfortunate accident leaving him depressed, paces nearby awaiting his follow-up communication session – he is getting his mojo back!

Jamu, enjoys Andrea’s gentle attention. In this shot Andrea is using an energy healing technique to balance his brow chakra. Jamu responds beautifully.

As a wildlife photographer, your goal is to capture a moment that freeze frames the beauty, action and clarity of the subject before your lens. And you think about focus, composition and originality in hopes that THIS shot, will be “the one”. What if you were able to connect with and feel the essence of the bird or animal you wish to immortalize before you ever look through your lens? What if you could reach out and sense the energy and feelings your subject might have at that moment in time? Imagine the depth of emotion your images would capture if you could make those intimate connections as a part of your work. Animal communication is often considered a “gift” as is the ability to feel and connect energetically with animals, hence earning their trust or at least their attention. I believe we all have the ability within us, or at least the capacity to learn how to connect and communicate on a special level with animals.

Try practicing these simple techniques and you may be rewarded with capturing spirited images that will delight viewers, evoke emotion and tell a real wildlife story.

  • Walk softly and quiet your mind completely. Empty it. Then allow yourself to be in the moment and see with your ears and heart as well as your eyes.
  • As you spot your subject, imagine a soft gentle wave of energy drifting out from your heart towards the critter. Imagine this would feel good for the critter.
  • While you are sending out your gentle vibes, project the thought that you are a friend, you mean no harm and that you will respect all natural boundaries.
  • Make a picture in your minds eye of what you want to see happen and project that image to the critter as well.

About Andrea Sobotka

Andrea SobotkaAndrea Sobotka, affectionately known as Critter Doc, connects with animals on all realms for wellness and understanding. Through her natural gift of animal communication, her unique ability to connect with all animals, and her calm gentle healing touch, Andrea creates balance, relaxation, harmony and a holistic sense of well being for your beloved animals…and you, naturally. The health and wellness of our animals, is often tied to our own sense of well being. Andrea’s gifted work with animals (domestic, wild & exotic) provides a state of emotional, physical and spiritual wellness for pets and their people. She is a published author, a speaker, and has appeared on several talk-radio shows. As a workshop presenter, Andrea shares her knowledge in an engaging, interactive and nurturing manner.

See more of her work at and

I look forward to collaborating with Andrea and learning more about animal communication. I also want to express my deepest appreciation for the work that Andrea does in helping all of us better understand animals. The more we understand about animal behavior and feelings, the more we will be concerned about their future.

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