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Let it snow!!! And there was a lot of snow in Montana in January 2018. I always look forward to the Wildlife in Winter workshop. Adjacent to the Rocky Mountains, the Kalispell area is a stunning location. The workshop is offered through Triple D, which has been in business for over 40 years, offering a variety of animal species to photograph in a large selection of natural settings. Participants have the opportunity to photograph trained animals and work with experienced and caring animal trainers in professionally designed enclosures. Because the animals are in their natural environment, you are able to observe a variety of behaviors, providing incomparable photographic opportunities.

Each workshop consists of 8 photo sessions, with optional sessions offered at a significantly reduced rate. This year’s 8 objectives were an Amur leopard, mountain lion, tundra wolf, Canada lynx, arctic wolf, red fox, coyote and bobcat. Participants also photographed a snow leopard adult, snow leopard cub, arctic blue fox, mountain lion cub, Siberian tiger and wolf pack as optional sessions. Temperatures were relatively mild in the 20s and 30s Fahrenheit. We had clouds, rain, snow and some sun. Everyone was well prepared for all conditions. The biggest challenge for photographers is making sure shutter speeds are set to either freeze or blur the movement and compensating for the camera underexposing the snow. I explain this in detail in my eBook Camera Settings for Animals in Snow.

See some of the animals photographed during this year’s workshop below and join me for the 2019 Wildlife in Winter workshop!

Thanks to everyone who attended. You were a great team. And thanks to Triple D for taking exceptional care of the animals and always making it a special experience for everyone.

Group Photo – Front L to R: Justine Hayes (Triple D), Linda Hertz, Don Standing, Steve Cain and Heather Keepers (Triple D). Back L to R: Gemma Gylling, Valerie Cozart, Kim Hadji, Carl Bignall, Linda Sparks, Carol Urban, Kathleen Reeder and Steve Hinczynski. Not in the picture from the Wildlife in Winter workshop: Giorgio Cagliero. Additional attendees of the Horse Roundup and Birds of Prey workshops: Steve Clevidence and Stacy Pedri.

Mountain Lion adult


Arctic wolf

Red fox

Snow Leopard cub

Canada Lynx

Arctic Blue Fox

Mountain Lion Cub

Snow Leopard Adult

Wolf Pack

Tundra Wolf

Siberian Tiger

Two additional workshops – Birds of Prey in Snow and Horse Roundup in Snow – were conducted just after the Wildlife in Winter workshop. They are coordinated through Triple D and offer incredible photo opportunities. See photos from this year’s sessions below.

See more photos of Triple D animals in my Triple D Portfolio. Follow my latest photo workshop photos on Facebook!

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  1. Kathleen is an amazingly talented photographer, and wonderful instructor. I had an awesome time and not only learned many tips from her that improved my own photography, but also enjoyed her friendly way of making everyone feel at ease. Thank you so much Kathleen, I look forward to enjoying further adventures with you in the future.