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Sarah Dolliver Shares Nature and Inspiration in Her eBooks

Sharing…sacredness…touching lives with the sweetness and beauty of nature! That’s how Sarah Dolliver chooses to spend her life. Read how nature inspires her and how she’s sharing her inspiration through her beautiful photo eBooks. Here is Sarah’s story…

When my heart goes “Wow,” regardless of subject, I have to stop, explore and find what’s special. My photographs tend toward the more intimate part of nature, sometimes beyond the grand landscapes to the details we might overlook. One particular photographic fascination is with determined plants—the ones that grow in harsh conditions that amazingly supports life. They show me their fortitude and dogged spirit. I feel strength just to be in their presence.

My motivation in photography is sharing: sharing experiences, sharing what really matters in life and sharing all forms of life, including the flora and fauna. Being highly sensitive enables me to sense the life force around me. I am fortunate to be able to reveal the sacredness of nature to the rest of the world. Our lives are so busy that many don’t get the chance to sense, feel and just be with the outdoors. It is my hope that my photographs take viewers to a place where they can touch the sacredness within themselves.

My journey in photography began when I started hiking my home landscape in Sedona, Arizona, USA. It was so fascinating to this former city girl; I knew I needed to capture its uniqueness. Since then, photography has taken me to many new landscapes and many remain on the list for the future.

I met Kathleen Reeder in 2017 when I wanted to update my website. Already a SmugMug customer, I knew what I wanted to do with it. Yet, looking at the design controls, I also knew that sitting beside someone with more experience than I would be a huge learning experience. And it was. She made what would have taken me months a one-day project…and showed me things I didn’t know existed. Since then I’ve attended several of her webinars: SmugMug Basics (to solidify what she showed me in person), Post Process Wildlife Images, and Create and Publish an eBook.

With Kathleen’s keen guidance, I have now blended my 10 years of experience as a life coach with my photography and published 3 eBooks on Amazon on renewing hope, self-care and the art of self-reflection. Each volume is illustrated with photos that help readers connect to the topic and deepen their personal exploration. Blending these interests of life coaching and photography has been wonderful and represents another way I can share with the world at large.

About Sarah – How Did She Get Here?

Sometimes I ask myself that question, too! Like so many others, it has been a meandering journey. I spent my early working career in retail settings, from selling shoes to many years as a bank teller. Banking was fun for me so I worked my way up the corporate ladder to management, working in retail, accounting along with training and sales. After ending my employment, I spent 10 years consulting to community banks.

For the next 10 years, I was self-employed as a life coach to introverted and highly sensitive individuals. And I still coach today upon request. Some of my body of work in this area continues on the internet as articles.

A move from Boston to the American Southwest put me in love with the landscape and I picked up a camera. Oohs and aahs from friends and relatives caught my attention and got me thinking that I could go deeper with this.

I focus on nature because it is a place where each of us can feel the sacred part of life, where we can put our burdens and troubles on hold and simply be. It is my hope that by viewing my photographs you break away to experience a deeper moment with yourself. Please visit my website Focus on Nature Photography and connect with me on Facebook.

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