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Pine Marten Photo by Kathleen Reeder

With the Rocky Mountains in view every day, photographing the Triple D animals in Kalispell, Montana is always an enjoyable experience. Add adorable beautiful wildlife babies to the scene and it doesn’t get any better! This years Springtime Babies Photo Workshop included coyote pups, a mountain lion cub, a pine marten baby, raccoon kits, red fox kits, a Siberian Lynx kitten and striped skunk kits, plus a great variety of wildlife adults. Check out the photos below to see the amazing babies. I will be leading two photo workshops at Triple D in 2018, one in the winter and one in the spring. Pick your season and join me to photograph beautiful wildlife you have dreamed about! My workshop is limited to 10 participants and includes:

  • Before the workshop:
    • An online recorded webinar prior to the workshop that covers wildlife photography composition tips, camera settings and recommended gear to prepare you.  You will have access to both the recording and the webinar materials.
    • Detailed handout of what to bring, the itinerary, what to expect and more
  • During the workshop:
    • Sharing a sample of your portfolio with the group
    • Group and one-on-one guidance on location before each photo session to ensure you get the most out of your camera, including optimal shutter speed, aperture, ISO and exposure compensation settings
    • Working lunch on post processing wildlife images
    • Working lunch on how to create and publish an eBook on Amazon
  • After the workshop:
    • Written critique of one of your wildlife images
    • Group gallery for sharing people pictures and critique submissions

Baby Photos!

The safety of Triple D animals comes first. With babies, photo sessions are very short in length so as not to stress out the animal, making it likely that there will be multiple photo sessions with each animal to enable the photographers to get a good collection of photos. The trainers Heather Keepers and Justine Hayes do an excellent job setting up areas for us to photograph the babies and giving the babies all the love and attention we would want the babies to have. All of the photos shown below were taken during this years spring babies workshop.

Siberian Lynx Photo by Kathleen Reeder

6-week old Siberian Lynx Kitten

Mountain Lion Cub Photo by Kathleen Reeder

3-week old Mountain Lion Cub

Red Fox Photograph by Kathleen Reeder

10-week old red fox kit with surrogate mom

Raccoon Kit Photo by Kathleen Reeder

10-week old raccoon kit

Pine Marten Photo by Kathleen Reeder

11-week old pine marten

Coyote Pup photo by Kathleen Reeder

10-week old coyote pup

Striped skunk kits photo by Kathleen Reeder

3-week old striped skunk kits

Siberian Tiger

With each workshop, there are 8 photo sessions included in the price, referred to as “objectives”, photographed over a 4 day period. For this workshop, we photographed 7 baby species. Our 8th session included in the price was with a Siberian Tiger named Hershey. I have photographed her many times over the years in all seasons and she is always exciting to watch and capture in images.

Siberian Tiger Photo by Kathleen Reeder

Siberian Tiger Photo by Kathleen Reeder

Siberian Tiger Photo by Kathleen Reeder

Optional Sessions

In addition to the objective photo sessions, participants have the option of photographing other species for an additional rate, that are then scheduled throughout the 4-day workshop. The Amur Leopard and Syrian Brown Bear were chosen by most of the group. Here are photos from the optional sessions chosen by the participants. During each optional session, I continue to provide guidance to the photographers on camera settings, including pointing out opportunities to pan-blur the movement.

Amur Leopard Photo by Kathleen Reeder

Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard Photo by Kathleen Reeder

Amur Leopard

Syrian Brown Bear Photo by Kathleen Reeder

Syrian Brown Bear

Syrian Brown Bear Photo by Kathleen Reeder

Syrian Brown Bear

Gray Wolf Photo by Kathleen Reeder

Grey tundra wolf

Canada Lynx Photo by Kathleen Reeder

Canada Lynx

Mountain Lion Photo by Kathleen Reeder

Mountain Lion

Silver Fox Photo by Kathleen Reeder

Silver Fox

Bobcat Photo by Kathleen Reeder


Photo Workshop Group

Thanks to everyone who attended. You were awesome! And thanks to Triple D for always making it a special experience for everyone.

Kathleen Reeder Photo Workshop Group Photo

Group Photo – Front L to R: Justine Hayes, Steve Boskin, Lizzy Simkins and Heather Keepers. Back L to R: Jeff Williams, Evelyn Harrison, Valerie Cozart, Carl Bignall, Dave Dunbar and Kathleen Reeder.

2018 Photo Workshops at Triple D

In 2018, I will be leading two photo workshops at Triple D. One in the winter and one in the spring. Pick your season and join me to photograph beautiful wildlife!

Wildlife in Winter – January 6 – 9, 2018

SPECIAL PRICING: Springtime Wildlife Babies – June 23 – 26, 2018

See more photos of Triple D animals in my Triple D Portfolio.

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6 thoughts on “Spring Babies 2017 Trip Report”

  1. This was a fabulous experience. Kathleen who is a world class Wildlife
    Photographer is also a world class teacher. She has a lot of patience and explains things extremely well.
    I was using a camera basically for the first time and she helped me get some wonderful shots.
    Her attitude transcended the entire group. We were strangers and became friends thanks to Kathleen. Team Steve as I nicknamed the group were one strong cohesive unit thanks to Kathleen.

  2. The Spring Babies Workshop was the second workshop I’ve participated in with Kathleen Reeder and it exceeded my expectations. Kathleen is not only a knowledgeable world-class photographer, she is one of the nicest and most patient individuals I know. She always takes the time to make sure everyone has a memorable experience. The staff of Triple D are some of the most hard-working and caring people I’ve seen. The animals always come first! This was definitely the best vacation I’ve ever had!

  3. I have attended several workshops with Kathleen, and have enjoyed every one of them. Kathleen’s combination of teaching skills, organization skills, and people skills make her an incredible teacher/workshop leader. Her personality flows down to everybody in the group so the group quickly develops a happy, relaxed group dynamic.
    While I set high expectations for the workshop in terms of photographs acquired, and the overall experience, the workshop still exceeded my expectations. Participants are virtually assured of obtaining incredible photographs that would be impossible to obtain any other way.
    Add to this the talented and caring staff off Triple D and gorgeous scenery, and one finds a wonderful, productive opportunity they don’t want to end. I am looking forward to attending again soon.

  4. Kathleen, congrats on your awards. I am interested in spring babies in Kalispell. Are the dates June 23-26, 2018? When in your calendar and I click on that workshop for 2018 it takes me to 2017 workshop.
    is the cost $900?

    Also want to know more about Triple D? As these types of places go, is this one of the best in terms or caring for the captive wildlife? Do you have any links regarding this? Also where do these babies come from?

  5. This was my first time going out of state for a workshop and Kathleen was a huge part of that decision. She knows how to lead a group and make everyone feel included and that we all got great shots with tips and good communication. Hope to make it back out for the winter shoot with her in the future. The staff at Triple D is also incredible, they take such good care of the animals and are also very conscious of the photographers needs during a session.

    Oh and the babies were utterly adorable, in case anyone was unsure. 😉