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Today is OPEN HOUSE featuring three websites I remodeled in the past two weeks using SmugMug.  Each of the photographers featured are very talented.  Their images are simply gorgeous. Unfortunately, their websites were outdated and didn’t show off their beautiful photos.

Their new websites are modern and custom, each is a dream home for their images.  Their home pages are inviting and beautiful.  Please look around their websites; take as much time as you like. Pay particular attention to the differences in the menu options.

You too can easily have a dream home of your very own.  I would love to help you move into a new website that showcases your images!   Read more about my website service.

Beth Ruggiero-York


Beth says: “Thanks to Kathleen for her expert assistance in making this happen.”

Peggy Coleman

Peggy says: “If you are interested in creating a wonderful place to park your photos, maybe sell a few photos or just share for all to enjoy–Kathleen has the touch!”

Ron Hayes


Ron says: “Thanks to Kathleen for her patience and effort in bringing this site to life.”

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